Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do we need to play?

 A. You’ll need: A team of 2-4 people, comfortable shoes, weather-ready gear, a fully charged phone/tablet with data and service & a notepad.  We also recommend bringing water.

Q. We took a break in our route. How do we get back into the game?

If you lost the game link, check your emailed receipt to download it again. Enter your team name exactly as you did before, and you'll resume your progress in the game.  Call, text or email us if you're still stuck.

Q. Can't find your emailed receipt?

Check other folders in your inbox, or search ORDER CONFIRMATION. 

Mis-entered your email address at checkout? Give us a call. 541-801-3500

Q. Can I purchase the game ahead of time to play at a later date?

 A. Sure! If you purchase ahead of time, or from a desktop, you will use the emailed receipt to access the doc with the game link from your phone/device when you’re ready to play. 

Q. How do I redeem a pre-purchased Route?

 A. You'll follow the usual "How to Play" instructions but enter your coupon code to bring the cost to $0.00. If you have a coupon, gift card or group promo code, follow the instructions provided from the source and enter it at checkout. 

Q. I pre-paid, or am using a gift card, so why do you need my billing address?

We don't! Unfortunately, our shopping cart does, but feel free to make something up. We like 221B Baker Street.

Q. We want to do this as a Team Building/ Group Activity. How does that work?

Great! We offer large group discounts so be sure to email us for a coupon code. One person can pre-purchase for the group and we'll provide team instructions, or each team can purchase from the phone they'll be playing as usual. We can create a leaderboard for your group once you're done!